Resignation Letter Format

How To Write A Respectful Resignation Letter

How To Write A Respectful Resignation Letter

1. Do not use abusive language. This will show that you had no respect for authority or yourself. If the reason for resignation was abusive treatment at the workplace, simply state your case in the letter in a polite way and refrain from any words that will make the recipient feel disrespected.
2. Do not paint a wrong image of any of your colleagues. No matter the internal conflicts with some of the workmates, ensure that your letter only carries your grievances. This will safeguard you from making any unnecessary enemies. It is only fair to give the rest of the people an opportunity to work things out with the boss, some of those people may be the ones to help you in future.
3. Do not point an accusing finger to the boss, rather present your letter in the form of a discussion. Let your points be well organized and maintain honor as you present your points of contention, you never know where next you will meet this person. Such a letter will ensure that you leave on a positive note.
4.Avoid overly emotional words. This is because they remove all professionalism from your tone. Overly emotional terms show that you are not calm and are probably out of control. It may give the boss the feeling of "good riddance" since the image portrayed by the letter will be one of a person without the ability to tame their emotions, and thus unreliable in certain pressurizing work conditions!
4.Do not let the letter be too long. This may make it too tiresome for the boss to go through it and eventually your points will not have gotten across as clearly as you would have liked them to be. Let your letter be brief and to the point.
5. Do not be informal. Let your letter be formally typed. Do not hand in a hand written letter. This will dilute the level of your seriousness. Address your letter formally to the boss and deliver it with dignity.
6.Do not write any form of threats to the boss or any points of black mail. The letter can easily be used as evidence against you in a court scenario. This can be very frustrating, irrespective of the reason of the resignation. Keep in mind that your boss will most likely be affected by your resignation

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